No Child Hungry

As part of my commitment to the people of Georgia, I pledge to fully eradicate Georgia childhood hunger by 2025.


It is shocking that in a state with some of the best farmland in the world, in the richest country in the world, nearly one in five of the people here go hungry every day. 1,279,310 Georgians are facing hunger—377,400 of which are children.[1] 


According to Feeding America, an average meal in Georgia costs just $3.04.[1] Yet as of 2019, 1.4+ million Georgians were living under the poverty line and hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens could not afford their next meal.[2

Tragically, the COVID-19 pandemic has only made things worse. Since March of 2020, the Georgia Department of Labor has processed over 5 million unemployment claims (more claims than the ten years prior to the pandemic combined)[3], suggesting that the number of Georgia’s poor has sky-rocketed since the pandemic. 


And the lines outside our local food banks and food pantries have never been longer.

Reports from the Atlanta Community Food Bank, the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia in Athens, in Cherokee Country - the Never Alone Food Pantry, the Feeding the Valley Food Bank in Midland, at Second Harvest of South Georgia in Savannah, and at dozens, if not hundreds of others in between—all say the same thing: they are serving a record number of families, the need has never been greater, and they need help to stock their shelves. 

We must ensure that Georgia families have the resources they need to feed our state's childen. The good news—government programs designed to alleviate poverty and food insecurity are helping:

  • SNAP has lifted an estimated 340,000 Georgians above the poverty line, and has made thousands less poor.[4]

  • 198,000 Georgian women, infants, and children gained access to critical food programs and supplies during the pandemic thanks to WIC.[5]

...but we need to do more.

No child in Georgia should go hungry.


Plan Details


Whether we live among peanut fields or peach trees, or find ourselves a bit closer to freeways, megastores, and the mall, we all want our families to grow up strong and healthy here in the Peachtree State. 


Nakita Hemingway has a comprehensive plan to fully eradicate Childhood Hunger in the state of Georgia by 2025. Childhood hunger is a disease that prays on our most vulnerable. It must be fully and completely eradicated. And here in Georgia, we have the farming and the financial resources to do it.



  • Convene an Emergency Task Force on Childhood Hunger with partner state agencies and nonprofit organizations to establish a plan of action with the goal of eradicating childhood hunger in the state of Georgia by 2025. 

  • Create a state hunger authority under the Department of Agriculture to ensure food, funding, logistics services and outreach are sufficiently resourced. 

  • Develop and implement a statewide K-12 learning and skills program in partnership with the Georgia Department of Education—Every Child is a Farmer—to ensure every Georgia child can access quality education regarding food, nutrition, farming, and food safety by 2023. 

  • Foster a network of partner organizations under the Department of Agriculture to rapidly connect community and local hunger relief organizations on the ground with Georgians citizens in need.

  •  Construct and launch a Hunger Relief Organization e-portal under the Department of Agriculture to support, coordinate and centralize food relief efforts and funding opportunities across the state.

  • Construct and launch a new Hunger Relief Georgia e-portal under the Department of Agriculture to coordinate and centralize anti-poverty and food relief resources, requests, grant opportunities, and economic planning tools for Georgia citizens.