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I hope you will find this campaign to be something that resonates with your own experience, your own family, your own farm—not only for the purposes of electing me as Georgia's next Commissioner of Agriculture but for the sake of forging a new chapter in our state's history.

Our task is to generate a movement so mighty—a powerful, unstoppable force that we build together—so as to override all threats to our democracy. And to do so with grace, with compassion, and with empathy for all. 


Now is the time. We are the way.

- Nakita Hemingway



As Agriculture Commissioner I will:


  • Grow Georgia’s economy by supporting small family farms & historically disadvantaged farmers.


  • End childhood hunger & food insecurity by 2025.


  • Fight for the legalization of cannabis in order to create jobs and increase revenue.


  • Strengthen our animal welfare laws.


  • Take the threat of climate change seriously and invest in sustainable agriculture.


  • Protect our workers and put a stop to human rights abuses in agriculture.


  • Cultivate the next generation of farmers for our state.

My Plans

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