Locally Grown

It's time to get Georgia growing again by shopping local.


Georgia Grown was a great start.

Now, it’s time to keep Georgia Growing—by shopping and buying locally grown food, produce, and products. Especially at a time where we are seeing rampant inflation on the price of food, especially for products that must be imported from out of state, it’s no longer enough to showcase our produce, farms, and farmers on T.V.

We need to connect our makers with our markets. And that means bringing the farm products, produce, meats, and crafts Georgia is famous for into our local stores and onto the shelves so the average Georgia consumer can buy locally grown—and just as easily as anything else.


By simply extending existing supply chains one step further—to embrace and include the end Georgia consumer, we can turn our robust farming heritage into thriving, sustainable businesses that will provide for future generations as well. 


  •  Since 2014, Agritourism farm gate value has grown more than 40% and Georgia domestic travel expenditures have grown ~17%.

  • According to Forbes, local foods generate over $20 billion in national revenues annually.​


Plan Details


Nakita Hemingway has an agribusiness plan for the state of Georgia. She knows there is an active market to support locally grown farm produce and products in stores, because she is a farmer AND a mom. And she knows that shopping local is a great way to maximize your family's dollar at the grocery store.

Under the Shop Georgia Local Plan, we will:

  • Develop procurement policies for state and local agencies that prioritize local food.

  • Design food promotion and outreach programs to increase availability and access of locally grown fresh produce and help keep revenues in-state.

  •  Invest in food distribution systems that will support the distribution and sale of Georgia farm goods while improving the economic viability for small food producers.

  • Curate lists of Georgia suppliers under the Department of Agriculture to help expand local/regional fresh produce enterprises and the availability of local products within stores. 

  • Under the Department of Agriculture, unify the Georgia Grown membership hub, the Georgia Grown Commodity Commission, and the ‘Georgia Made’ brand with a unified brand mark to encourage and foster customer loyalty for all Georgia producers.

  • Launch unified ‘Georgia products’ brand awareness and advocacy campaign to encourage brand awareness and foster consumer loyalty for updated brand mark.

  • Expand Georgia's agriculture infrastructure to improve operational efficacy and the robustness of current food transportation and supply chains.