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no child hungry in Georgia


By signing onto the Hemingway No Child Hungry Plan, you'll get. . .


To join a growing collective of Americans who are dedicated to making sure no child goes to bed hungry.


Affiliation with one of the most historic and ground-breaking campaigns in our nation's history. 


Your own personal copy of the Plan to thank you for being part of the solution here in Georgia.

Thanks for being here. There is true power in numbers.

Show your support by signing the plan

Thank you for signing on and supporting all Georgia children!

We promise to guard your privacy like it's our own!

Join the movement NOW to eradicate child hunger in Georgia !

  • Convene an Emergency Task Force on Childhood Hunger with partner state agencies and nonprofit organizations to establish a plan of action with the goal of eradicating childhood hunger in the state of Georgia by 2025.

  • Create a state hunger authority under the Department of Agriculture to ensure food, funding, logistics services, and outreach are sufficiently resourced.

  • Develop and implement a statewide K-12 learning and skills program in partnership with the Georgia Department of Education, Every Child is a Farmer, to ensure every Georgia child can access quality education regarding food, nutrition, farming, and food safety by 2023.

  • Foster a network of partner organizations under the Department of Agriculture to rapidly connect community and local hunger relief organizations on the ground with Georgia citizens in need.

  • Construct and launch a Hunger Relief Org. e-portal for Georgia 501(c)3s under the Department of Agriculture to support, coordinate, and centralize food relief efforts and funding opportunities.

  • Construct and launch a new Hunger Relief Georgia e-portal for Georgia families and individuals under the Department of Agriculture to coordinate and centralize information about food relief resources.


I'm committed to making sure that every child in Georgia has enough to eat.


Most recent co-sponsors 


Meet Nakita Hemingway

Nakita Hemingway is an entrepreneur, political leader, realtor and cut-flower farmer. Now, she’s running to be Georgia's next Commissioner of Agriculture to ensure our agricultural legacy becomes the launch point toward a future Georgia where we all thrive.


This Georgia native is a married mother of four and resides in Dacula, GA with her family where she farms and maintains a small real estate practice.

In 2020, Nakita came just 779 votes shy of unseating the 3-term Republican Incumbent in Georgia House District 104. She credits being a realtor-turned farmer, and recognizing the unique challenges farmers and landowners around this state face in protecting their land and in opportunities to expand their farming practices. 

Nakita believes that under the right leadership, Georgia can create a better future for every farmer and person who calls Georgia home.

Join the movement NOW to eradicate child hunger in Georgia !

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Read Nakita's Open Letter

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