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More than 1.2 million Georgians are facing hunger—337,000 of whom are children*. A majority of the food we consume in this state is imported. And in 2020, the pandemic highlighted longstanding health inequities in our state–shining a light not only on our broken healthcare system, but also on food deserts and the lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables necessary for proper nutrition.

Agriculture is a part of our past and our future. It’s the #1 industry in the state, contributing over $70 billion to Georgia’s economy. It’s one of the largest employment sectors creating more than 359,000 jobs. And yet it still hasn’t reached its full potential. 

Of the 68,000+ farmers in the state of Georgia, 34% are women and less than 1% hold leadership positions. 5% of all Georgia farmers are of minority descent with a long history of systemic disenfranchisement. Farm workers across this state lack adequate protection, representation, and pay. Too many rural areas lack the economic resources and infrastructures their citizens need to build better lives.

To plant a seed means to believe in tomorrow and I believe agriculture is key to growing Georgia. Agriculture is a vehicle by which we can build stronger rural communities and local economies. Through agriculture, we can eradicate hunger and provide our citizens with the resources they need for better health and greater prosperity.

My name is Nakita Hemingway and I am running to become the next commissioner of Agriculture in Georgia because I want to build a world-class food system that enables Georgia farmers to become more profitable tomorrow than they are today. I want our families to have greater access to better foods to build better health and resources and a better future.


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